Analysis of Wide Band Wide-Scanning Quasi-Optical Systems Based on Fourier Optics

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Sub-millimeter imaging systems with wide frequency bandwidth of operation as well as large steering capabilities are required for future security and space imaging applications. In this paper, a Quasi-Optical (QO) system with multiple refractive components is proposed to achieve these requirements. The system which consists of hyper-hemispherical lenses antenna feeders at its focal plane. Double-sided hyperbolic free-standing lenses are then used to link to the rest of QO chain. A fast and accurate method based on Fourier Optics combined with Geometrical Optics is proposed to analyze these type of surfaces. The tool is validated against time consuming multi surface Physical Optics with excellent agreement. As the result, the proposed method can be used to design and optimize the performance of such QO systems. To demonstrate the capability of the method, an example case is also presented, and its performance is evaluated.
Period16 Mar 2020
Event title14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2020
Event typeConference
Conference number14
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