Architecture & Feminisms: Ecologies/Economies/Technologies AHRA (Architectural Humanities Research Association) 2016

Kousoulas, S. (Keynote speaker)

    Activity: Talk or presentationTalk or presentation at a conference


    Ulysses’s Ship: Becomings of an Architectural Mind If ‘becoming-woman’ is to be conceptualized as a constant ‘becoming-minor’, the topological formation of a line of flight, then architectural practices may be seen under the light of an eco-technological enunciation which aims at dramatizing material singularities. The architectural mind understood as a relation and not as a relatum, begs the question: why is it that representational techniques, methods whose origin and telos is that of an archetypical identity, have such a primary role in architectural practices, pedagogies and technologies? Representational logic as the Odyssey of philosophy –to recall Deleuze- ensures the triumphant arrival of the copy. What, however, makes the very conditioning of the copy possible? In this paper I will put forward the reciprocal becomings of an architectural mind that oscillates between practices of ‘minor singularizations’ and ‘major stratifications’. Deleuze’s distinction of Royal and nomad sciences will be entangled with Andy Clark’s extended mind hypothesis, conceptualizing an architectural mind as a relational assemblage. For that, I will move from Ulysses to his nameless ship, the striated operating in the smooth. Practices of naval and civil architecture will meet each other on a crucial point: the Doric entasis. The very possibility of their encounter highlights the existence of an intensive field of spatiotemporal stuttering upon which architecture operates. I will conclude this paper by arguing that the transcendental friction embodied in this stuttering can bring the architectural mind in a body, and, consequently, the architectural body within the sense that produces it and the sensation that it produces. No longer fixated on categories, be it minor or major, Ulysses’s ship navigates the uncharted intensities of a larval space where ‘becoming-woman’ transduces with other, plural becomings.
    Period17 Nov 201619 Nov 2016
    Event titleArchitecture & Feminisms: Ecologies/Economies/Technologies AHRA (Architectural Humanities Research Association) 2016
    Event typeConference
    LocationStockholm, Sweden


    • Feminism
    • Architecture