BK Talks: Apocalypse?

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The secular use of the metaphor of ‘Apocalypse’ refers to the total destruction and end of the World, and originates in the last biblical book, ‘The Book of Revelation’. Whether the end of the World is coming is difficult to predict. However, when we read the newspapers or watch the news, the term ‘Apocalypse’ helps to describe the situation in which our Planet is at the beginning of the Anthropocene: climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, societal inequity, political unrest - to name just a few of the urgencies - can make us feel the fear of impending doom.

However, and no matter how despairing the news can be, this edition of the BK Talks is an invitation to address these urgencies from the belief that humankind will prevail. Moderated by Lisa Doeland, BK Talk’s Apocalypse will gather a panel of experts from different disciplines to discuss the emergencies and the agendas to tackle climate, justice or biodiversity emergency.

Can we speed-up the official agendas? Can we as citizens do more and faster? How to reach true social and ecological justice? How to address rampant urbanisation, overpopulation, migrations, aggressive misogyny, imperialism, white supremacism, capitalist exploitation of the Earth or an artificial intelligence takeover?

Can we refer to the actual meaning of ‘Apocalypse’ (from the Greek apokálupsis: “uncover, disclose, reveal”) and elaborate on the guidelines of actions to follow?

We need to do so. We are running out of time.
Period7 Apr 2022
Event titleBK Talks: Apocalypse?
Event typeOther
LocationDelft, Netherlands
Degree of RecognitionInternational