Design as a catalyst for Smart Sustainable Cities

Mulder, I. (Keynote speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationTalk or presentation at a conference


We are living in ‘transitional times’. Our society is increasingly digitalized and transforming into a participatory, collaborative, and circular economy. The blend of the digital and physical worlds is changing our society fundamentally, and opens up opportunities towards a more connected world. Interestingly, smart cities do envisage this transforming society as well, but albeit from one voice.
Deploying Internet of Things technologies in order to increase efficiency of public services such as public transportation, traffic management, or energy management does not necessarily lead to an improved experience of city life and increased well- being of citizens. Unfortunately, current smart city practices largely remain on a visionary level; they relate to technology push and commercial lock-in of the industry, and oftentimes lack to address the human scale. The bottom-line is simple: Can our envisioned future be a sociable smart and sustainable society?
In this keynote, I take the premise that top-down deployment of smart city platforms will fail without a thorough understanding of the social fabric of the city. I will consider alternative human-centered and humanity-centered approaches and will elaborate on the transformative role of design as a catalyzer to empower people and driving change towards a smart and sustainable society.
Period7 Dec 2018
Event titleIEEE GCIoT 2018: 2018 IEEE Global Conference On The Internet of Things
Event typeConference
LocationAlexandria, Egypt