Evolution from Individual Beings to Cosmic Collaborators

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In this session, we embark on a voyage into the future where humanity and society are not just participants but integral design elements in shaping a profound and value-driven approach to the energy transition. Join us as we explore three visionary insights:

Transcendent disciplines for galactic participation: we’ll delve into cutting-edge transdisciplinary approaches that empower individuals and societies to actively engage in the creation of sustainable, harmonious energy systems
Lifelong cosmic learning communities: discover the limitless potential of lifelong learning communities, where knowledge and skills are collectively nurtured to thrive in an ever-evolving environmental, economic, technical and social cosmos
Beyond the bounds of currency: energizing value-based exchange: journey beyond the constraints of traditional financial structures as we pioneer value-based exchanges, fostering energy-sharing practices within and exceeding the vast expanse of energy markets.
Our discussion will orbit around the necessity of forging innovative social infrastructures and materials, essential to nurture energy-learning communities, ignite value-based practices in energy transition, and overcome the challenges of achieving transdisciplinary unity in action. Join us as we chart a course to a future where humanity and society co-create the energy landscape among the stars. Engage, explore, and evolve.
Period21 Nov 2023
Event titleUrban Energy Institute Symposium "Future Horizons of the Energy Transition": Shoot for the moon, land among the stars
Event typeConference
LocationDelft, NetherlandsShow on map