GoCo: Planning Expressive Commitment Protocols (Article Abstract)

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The full article published in Autonomous Agents and Multi- Agent Systems addresses the challenge of planning coordinated activities for a set of autonomous agents, who coordinate according to social commitments among themselves. The article develops a multi-agent plan in the form of a commitment protocol that allows the agents to coordinate in a flexible manner, retaining their autonomy in terms of the goals they adopt so long as their actions adhere to the commitments they have made. The setting considered allows parameterized predicates with probabilistic uncertainty over action outcomes. For this rich setting, the article contributes the first practical means to derive protocol enactments which maximise expected utility from the point of view of one agent. To do so, the article employs hierarchical planning techniques to check whether a commitment protocol can be enacted efficiently, and to generate protocol enactments under a variety of conditions. The approach is illustrated on a real-world healthcare scenario.
Period8 Nov 2018
Event title30th Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence, BNAIC 2018
Event typeConference
Location‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands