"Habit(at)s: On Inclusive Disjunction"

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The paper focusses on Guattari’s notion of the differentiating factor, as it propels Deleuze’s efforts at reworking the Kantian scheme of the "Three Syntheses” towards a generalized theory of production. Throughout Difference and Repetition and Logic of Sense, Deleuze had re-conceptualizes three syntheses of time (memory, habit, thought); or three series (connective/single series, disjunctive/divergent series, conjunctive/convergent series). Here, the paper look more closely into the formation of the central concept of an "inclusive disjunction", which would become the central operator in Deleuze's subsequent efforts replace logical differentiations with historical ones. The paper thus draws a more speculative connection to Bernard Stiegler’s work, and the three memories discussed in Technics and Time (genetic, epigenetic, epiphylogenetic memory), and discuss recent (feminist) readings of habits (Ravaisson, Malabou, Grosz) and a possible extension including habitats.
Period10 Jun 2019
Event title12th Annual Deleuze & Guattari Studies Conference: From Sense to Machinic Becoming
Event typeConference
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