International Cooperation. Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), University of Houston and University of Tulane (USA), Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Development of research and education activities in order to establish comparisons of the different deltaic areas. Among the activities carried out, the following can be mentioned:

Presentation at the Buenos Aires International Architecture Biennial 2013

Presentation at the 2014 Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale (IABR2014). Eight Urban Deltas: Mississippi River Delta (United States), Paraná Delta (Argentina), Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt Delta (Netherlands), Mekong River Delta (Vietnam), Elbe Estuary (Germany), Tagus Estuary (Portugal), Galveston Bay (United States), Venice Lagoon (Italy).

Symposium "Urban Deltas in Transition" organized by the Department of Urban Planning of the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)

Publication of the book "Urbanized Deltas in Transition", Meyer, H. and Nijhuis S. (eds.). Techne Press, Amsterdam.

Round Table "Research By Design / Project Research". National University of La Plata. The event began with an introduction to the problem given by Dr Verónica Zagare. Then the teams from the different universities presented their own research, officiating as an opening to dialogue between the guests on the problem itself and in relation to its possibilities of being communicated to the rest of the community of researchers and academics. Participants: Dean Prof. Arch. Patricia Oliver, Houston University (Houston, United States); Prof. Arch. Ann Yoachim, Tulane University (New Orleans, United States); Dr Verónica Zagare, Tu Delft (Netherlands) and UBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Prof. Arch. J. Tate, Tulane University (New Orleans, United States); Dr. Prof. Arq. F. Janchez, Fadu UBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Prof. Arch. Andrés Ferrari, Fadu UBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Prof Arch. Peter Zweig, Houston University (Houston, United States); Prof. Arq. M. Rotondi (California State Polytechnic University).

In Argentina, the team from the University of Buenos Aires was directed by Dr. Prof. Arq. F. Janchez and co-directed by Dr Verónica Zagare. As part of the cooperation, presentations were held in Argentina and the Netherlands, and the theme of the Paraná Delta was adopted as the focus of the Specialization "Complex Cities and Regions in Transformation" of the "Master of Science Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences" of Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).
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