Map of the BIP / ZIP Neighborhoods and Zones of Priority Intervention of Lisbon. Report Methodology for identification and construction of the BIP / ZIP map.

Activity: Consultancy


The Atlas of the Local Housing Program - Characterization, analysis and urbanistic study - aimed at mapping, on a geo-referenced basis, data on the housing stock, the population and some relevant economic and fiscal indicators. The statistical unit considered, the quarter, corresponds to the subsection of the censuses of the National Statistics Institute.
The PLH Atlas is part of the Report of the 1st phase (Knowing)

We collected statistical information about social, economic, urban and environmental factors to see which areas are the most deprived in the city and we surveyed these areas; we identified and mapped the city’s social and territorial fractures. This kind of mapping was a first in the city and in the country: a truly innovative concept in 2009-2010, using a scientific and mathematical approach to identify the real problems of the city and its citizens. We used national census data (that is generated once in every 10 years) and other municipal and government data that is more recent. We crossed many datasets and maps in order to understand social and territorial dynamics.
Period8 Jul 2010
Work forLisbon Municipality’s Body of Housing and Local Development, Portugal
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Urban planning
  • Priority Intervention
  • social index
  • urban index
  • urban governance
  • cartography
  • transportation
  • housing
  • GIS
  • mapping of urban areas