Music and mental health - a fertile but challenging ground for art, science and entrepreneurship

  • Pierre Lonchampt (Speaker)
  • Caroline Pegram (Speaker)
  • Bahareh Nakisa (Speaker)
  • S. Umbrello (Speaker)

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Whilst the use of music in health is an ancestral practice, the emergence of new technologies, more particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning, offers new capabilities for music creation and production as well as for diagnostic purposes and for the monitoring of treatment efficacy. It also makes possible completely new modes of collaboration between music professionals, health professionals, patients and their caretakers. In recent years the exploration of these new capabilities has grown outside the research world with the release of several commercial and clinical applications. - Our work will present an overview of these commercial applications and their positioning within the broader context of healthcare and wellness technologies, covering the technical and scientific concepts on which these innovations are built, as well as their commercial and clinical presentations. - These applications raise new legal and regulatory questions that challenge the existing governance frameworks: Intellectual property offices need to actively engage in the conversations around new models of IP ownership that acknowledge the role of AI in musical creation yet protect the rights of the artist. The current regulatory ecosystem needs also to evolve to address both the data privacy challenges encountered with these applications (as with all forms of machine learning, rigorous attention needs to be given to the datasets and their usage) and the risks inherent to all medical technologies (traditionally managed by a dedicated regulatory body). - It is undeniable that these technologies are playing an important role in shaping emerging and future innovations.
Period25 Nov 2021
Event title2021 Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health
Event typeConference
LocationMelbourne, AustraliaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational