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Classroom demonstration experiments (demos) are often key elements in theoretical
lectures as these make the concepts at hand more tangible [1-4]. However, teachers are not
always aware of the available demos that fit their needs, or know/understand the most effective
way to use them. Moreover, the materials are not always available, affordable or accessible. To
still allow all teachers to make effective use of this great teaching method, we will develop an
open access repository where the demos are described in such detail (including pictures,
recordings, list of materials, theoretical background, didactical approach, coding for dataanalysis),
that these can ‘replace’ the live demos. Note! Replacing live demos is not our aim, it
merely highlights the quality and level of detail we pursuit. The ultimate goal is collaboratively
compile such an open and dynamic archive, enhance the quality of the demos in an iterative
process by allowing collaborators to edit the materials, and extend the archive by uploading
their materials as well. In this short presentation we will present our ideas, share our
(preliminary) results and seek collaboration.
Period17 May 2024
Event titlePTEE
Event typeConference
LocationRosenheim, GermanyShow on map