Pore Scale Physics Seminar, Shell Co.: Acceptable solutions to uncertain fluid flow in subsurface formations: a multiscale approach

Hajibeygi, H. (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationTalk or presentation at a workshop, seminar, course or other meeting


Pore Scale Physics Seminar, Shell Co.
Invited Presentation
Title: Acceptable solutions to uncertain fluid flow in subsurface formations: a multiscale approach

The increasing demand for accurate and efficient simulation of flow in subsurface formations with complex fluid and rock physics motivates the development of advanced computational methods. The non-linear, heterogeneous, uncertain, dynamic nature of the coupled mathematical formulations, describing conservation laws, make such developments quite challenging, yet promising if a multiscale methodology is followed. Such a multiscale methodology constructs a convenient addition to the state-of-the-art existing simulation platforms, allowing them benefit from the underlying physics as well as the next-generation computational resources, in order to address the increasingly demanding multi-physics (forward and inverse) simulations. As such, they should allow for a physics-algebraic-based dynamic multilevel description of the highly-resolved heterogeneous discrete equations; address each component at its proper resolution, and, at the same time, allow for (1) crossing up and down between any resolutions, and (2) systematic error reduction to any desired level. In this talk, the recently developed dynamic multiscale multilevel approach for heterogeneous porous media is presented. We focus on the continuum-to-continuum (from core to field scale) studies, where the challenges are mainly in the heterogeneity and the nonlinear coupled systems. Ongoing research to include sub-Darcy scale physics will be raised as subject of debate. The talk is aimed to esteem discussion and synergies between a wide range of audience with experimental to computational backgrounds.
Period7 Nov 2017
Held atShell Global Solutions International B.V., Netherlands