Sensing in the Wild

Activity: Other


Have you ever considered yourself to be a part of a sensing system? In this workshop, participants will engage with performative Real Game Play (RGP) and auto – ethnographic modes of design inquiry that can be used to stretch imaginaries into the unknown. By embodying different human and non – human roles, participants will tune into the vibrations of urban sensing systems.

The workshop invites up to 16 participants to a speculative, textured, embodied analysis of urban sensing systems. We expect to incite awareness of the possibilities and consequences that open, distributed and decentralised systems could provide for future urban design practices. The workshop is motivated by the following questions:

- What if urban sensing systems, deployed in cities, moved from control – based, closed and centralised modes of sensing to more commons – based, open and distributed modes of sensing?
-How then might urban sensing systems celebrate the diversity, layered history and rich cultural tapestry of place in their design and use?
Period27 Jan 2022
Event titleDRS 2022
Event typeConference
LocationBilbao, Spain
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Sensing systems
  • open data ecosystem