Signatures Study of Wind Turbine Clutter in Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar

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The increasing size and quantity of wind turbines worldwide provide an environmental-friendly solution to fulfill the growing demand for energy. However, this also brings in a new dynamic clutter named wind turbine clutter (WTC) for weather radars, and it has gradually become a concern because WTC deteriorates the radar performance severely. Recently, a WTC measurement campaign was conducted in the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) using the high-resolution full-polarimetric S-band Doppler PARSAX radar in two configurations: (a) using dual-orthogonal polarimetric signals for simultaneous measurements of whole polarimetric scattering matrix (PSM) (simultaneously transmitting simultaneously receiving (STSR) H and V polarization) and (b) using "classic" time-multiplexing polarimetric signals for measuring the PSM with two sweeps (alternatively transmitting simultaneously receiving (ATSR) H and V polarization). This paper discusses the micro-Doppler signature and the spectral-polarimetric properties of WTC in the STSR mode and ATSR mode. The micro-Doppler feature of WTC was estimated and analyzed. It provides an important indicator for the WTC detection. While the spectral-polarimetric properties can be used to distinguish WTC from weather scatterers. Consequently, three significant spectral-polarimetric observables, namely the spectral differential reflectivity, spectral linear depolarization ratio, and spectral co-pol correlation coefficient, are calculated and their probability density functions are given in the two measurement modes. Finally, a simple thresholding method to mitigate the WTC is proposed, which shows good efficiency with the synthesis of different spectral-polarimetric variables.
Period6 Dec 20167 Dec 2016
Event titleSpecialist Meeting about Electromagnetic Waves and Wind Turbines 2016
Event typeWorkshop
LocationWachtberg, Germany