Sustainable Management of Water Distribution Systems Using Model-based Optimization Tools and Renewable Energy

Activity: Talk or presentationTalk or presentation at a conference


Water distribution systems (WDSs) are typically part of an aging infrastructure, which face challenges to efficiently serve a growing population under more stringent economic and environmental constraints. Some of the main operational challenges for WDSs include reducing pressure driven leakage, monitoring and control of drinking-water quality and reducing the cost associated with high energy usage in pumping. In recent years, novel valve technologies and advances in sensor, control, and computing capabilities are enabling the solution these operational problems and associated rehabilitation and design problems.

In this talk, we examine the control of discoloration events in WDSs, which are by far the main cause of customer complaints globally. Since discoloration is mainly caused by the mobilization of particles that have accumulated within the distribution system, we consider the proactive control of flow velocities to maximise the self-cleaning capacity of the drinking WDS. We present a new mathematical framework to achieve this both through an optimal change of the network topology and through an optimal control of pressure control valves during peak demand hours. Another important problem is the reduction of leakage through pressure management. We present an optimal pressure management scheme that enables significant leakage reductions. The two objectives of leakage reduction and discoloration potential minimization are also considered in a multi-objective optimization framework. Finally, we consider optimal pump scheduling and how WDSs can be used to provide reserve energy in the balancing of the electricity grid. By integrating pump operations and renewables, we show the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Period16 Jan 201717 Jan 2017
Event titleSustainability Policy & Practice, International Seminar: 2016 Part II, III
Event typeSeminar
LocationTsukuba, JapanShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational