TechniCity: Pedagogies of Affective Amplification

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The animate has always been utterly dependent on the inanimate. Driven by the Foucauldian attitude of subsuming architectural history into a general history of techne, the paper will examine how the built environment and its technicities produce a style for living and dying that may take place simultaneously. In mapping the emergent and enabling constraints, we embrace Guattari’s claim from “Architectural Enunciation” where he urges us to understand architecture as a practice devoted to the processes of subjectification. If architecture is a collective machinic assemblage of enunciation / desire, then it is no longer to be considered as a discourse on the world of design. Rather, its attention turns to the design of world, or the experimental production of styles to live and styles to die beyond Manichean binaries. To research affectively is to put conjecture before judgement, rhizome before reason. The only viable distinction becomes the one between active and reactive modes of existence. Namely, of those that follow a becoming that connects them to the becoming of a world, and those that constantly retreat to segmentarity, to the reassurance of established givens and limits. Consequently, there are two kinds of subjects precisely because there are two kinds of deaths. A subject can nest into its idiocy and make itself more and more rigid and progressively smaller, or it can let itself dissipate until its disappearance. Hence, the way that one styles one’s dissolution is not merely determined by the inevitability of entropy but by the pedagogies of becoming.
Period6 Jul 2021
Event title13th Annual Deleuze and Guattari Studies Conference 2021: Territorialities, Exterritorialities, Nonterritorialities
Event typeConference
LocationPrague, Czech RepublicShow on map
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  • Architecture
  • Ecology
  • Ethico-Aesthetics
  • Subjectification
  • Technicity