Thermal-Aware Multi-Beam Antenna Synthesis in 5G

Aslan, Y. (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationTalk or presentation at a workshop, seminar, course or other meeting


Millimeter-wave frequency bands and multi-antenna MIMO technologies are now
widely explored to address the demand for increased capacity and reliability in
emerging mobile communication systems, 5G and beyond. Initial testbed results
have demonstrated the potential but also highlighted the practical challenges
of such technologies. The combination of high frequency, small size, large signal
bandwidth, and increased functionality is raising fundamental integration and
multi-physics challenges that have to be addressed before the initial results can
be translated into products.
The objective of this workshop is to give a comprehensive overview of some of the most important research challenges in the design and analysis of highly integrated hardware for millimeter wave multi-antenna systems. Heat dissipation and related thermal effects has emerged as one of the most important and limiting factors in realization of millimeter wave 5G hardware. A major theme for this workshop will therefore be multi-physical problems that arise when thermal-, mechanical-, circuit-, and antenna-design considerations have to be jointly satisfied. The workshop presentations will illustrate how recent advances in analysis, simulation, and integration can help researchers in academia and industry to better understand how to optimize their designs under the constraints in future system applications.
The workshop brings together views by leading industry, institute, and academic
researchers. This will give the audience both perspectives of detailed technical
solutions, as well as, an overview on the requirements that drive industrial system development.
Event titleEuropean Microwave Week 2019: Integration and multi-physics challenges in 5G mm-wave system design
Event typeWorkshop
LocationParis, France
Degree of RecognitionInternational