Bricks made out of mud and cow-dung to regulate indoor climate

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Period2 Jul 2020

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleBricks made out of mud and cow-dung to regulate indoor climate
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    DescriptionDuring his research career, Yask Kulshreshtha has been on a quest to invent new building materials that are affordable, locally available and help to reuse organic waste materials. He has for instance developed solutions to make traditional mud houses in rural India water resistant. With a new grant from NWO, he aims to proof his idea that bricks made out of mud and mixed with, curiously, cow-dung, can be an excellent and energy efficient building material for the Netherlands as well. This material requires minimal energy for production and is capable of passively regulating the indoor climate. Kulshreshtha’s idea is granted within the NWA (Dutch Research Agenda) as one of the projects aiming for sustainable circular impact, addressing the circular economy and resource efficiency.
    PersonsY. Kulshreshtha