How Broadgate could look in the future

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etties leading down to the River Ribble and trams heading up and down Fishergate Hill are just some of the ideas from a week-long session in the city.

The City-Zen roadshow toured the Broadgate area of the city to look at how the road and surrounding streets could develop in years to come.

Professor of architecture Craig Martin explained: We’ve spent an intensive week working with local businesses, councillors and residents on sustainable future city solutions for Preston. We’ve focused on Broadgate, but many of the ideas can be applied to other areas of the city. Our proposals may at first appear radical, but they are actually formed by the place itself and are needed to respond to a massive challenge – climate change.

“During the week we’ve learnt that sustainability isn’t for experts to solve alone, but for everyone to come together and contribute. Sustainability is not about sacrificing something, but instead getting value and enjoyment out of our neighbourhoods and better connecting them.

“At the start of the Roadshow, citizens understandably ask how much these designs will cost to build? But by the end, the question is how much will it cost if we don’t build! In terms of our children’s children future health, energy security economy, happiness and survival.”

Period21 Nov 2018

Media coverage


Media coverage


TitleCity-zen 'Preston' Roadshow
LocationThe University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) & Gujarat Hindu Society , Preston, United Kingdom
Period12 Nov 2018 → 16 Nov 2018


  • Sustainability
  • Co-creative design
  • Energy efficient
  • Clean energy