Human-robot symbiosis improves interaction

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Period1 Apr 2020

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Media contributions

  • TitleHuman-robot symbiosis improves interaction
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    DescriptionSemi-automated vehicles on our motorways, a mobile robot arm that can effectively intervene in a disaster area, drones: these are all examples of robots that exist our unpredictable environment. These robots cannot manage without human intervention, however: behind every successful robot there’s a human being. A strong foundation for operating robot arms and robot vehicles is haptics: our innate ability to feel our body. The elegant way in which our body intuitively responds to dynamic environments and uncertainties must be used to operate (mobile) robot arms, but also to work with intelligent vehicles which – just like their operators – are never entirely perfect. That’s the view of David Abbink, professor of Haptic Human-Robot Interaction at the Department of Cognitive Robotics, who held his inaugural lecture at TU Delft on Friday 22 March.
    PersonsD.A. Abbink