Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat To Human Existence? | Opposing Views #144

  • S. Umbrello

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In this episode of Opposing Views, I talked to Andrew Keen and Steven Umbrello about AI as an existential threat, jobs & automation, mass surveillance, deep learning, how China handles Big Tech, social credit systems & facial recognition in America, and more. Andrew Keen is an internet entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, and the author of The Internet Is Not the Answer. He hosts Keen On, a daily podcast about books and new writing, as well as the award-winning documentary and TV show How to Fix Democracy. Steven Umbrello is the Managing Director at the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies and the editor of Trivent Publishing’s Ethics and Robotics book series. He holds a Ph.D. in the ethics and design of AI and has a forthcoming book titled Designed for Death: Controlling Killer Robots. Be sure to subscribe if you enjoy this conversation!

Period8 Apr 2022

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