KaDEr interviews Peter Drenth (Deputy Leader, Province of Gelderland) en Craig Martin (Roadshow Leader) - 2 Films

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Sustainable Roadshows in The Gelderland - A film Interview with Peter Drenth (Deputy Leader, Province of Gelderland) & Craig Martin (Leader of the Roadshows) that focusses on how to build trust within communities in order to begin the process of their energy transition.

The roadshow travels with a team of internationally recognized experts, in the field of energy planning and urban design to help co-create a sustainable agenda cities and neighbourhoods.

The expert roadshow would be invited to The Gelderland in September 2021 to support a process of energy transition in the monumental cities of Elburg and Zutphen. Two cities best known for their cultural heritage and monumental buildings, whose city landscapes and histories present significant challenges in response to future climate change and resilience.

To begin the onsite roadshow initiatives in the Gelderland an interview conversation between Peter Drenth and Prof.Dr. Craig Martin took place in the first roadshow of Elburg that focussed on how to build trust within communities in order to help co-create that sustainable city vision.

Period1 Nov 2021

Media contributions


Media contributions


TitleGelderland Sustainable Roadshows 
LocationProvince of Gelderland, Elburg & Zutphen, Netherlands
Period1 Sept 2021 → 8 Sept 2021


  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Elburg
  • Zutphen
  • Sustainability
  • Trust Building
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Communities
  • Families
  • Roadshow
  • Monumental Architecture
  • Gelderland
  • Energy Transition
  • Wellbeing Health