Mixed emotions - between control and creativity

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Period1 Feb 2015

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleMixed emotions - between control and creativity
    Media name/outletMikroniek, vol. 55, nr. 2, p. 26-29
    Media typePrint
    DescriptionOn Friday 6 March 2015, the auditorium of Delft University of Technology provided the stage for a farewell and a welcome. Rob Munnig Schmidt retired as professor of Mechatronic System Design, whereas Just Herder delivered his inaugural lecture as professor of Interactive Mechanisms and Mechatronics. So the “High-Tech Mechatronics in (e)motion” symposium was a day of mixed emotions, which featured charming demonstrations of music (reproduced by mechatronics-based audio) and mechanisms.
    PersonsRobert Munnig Schmidt, J.L. Herder