Smooth sailing for hydrogen vessels?

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Article in the SWZ | Maritime with an update on the SH2IPDrive project. 


The piece features answers to various questions:
>What do we know about the ships’ energy demand?
Thijs Hasselaar gives insight in how MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) places sensors on board of various ships to build up an elaborate database.

> What are safer or more efficient ways to carry hydrogen on board of ships?
Ana Carolina Alves (H2 Circular Fuel b.v.) and Fabian Benschop (Voyex) show which role hydrogen carriers can play and tell about the scale-up projects that they are undertaking

> How can we ensure safe sailing with hydrogen on board?
Martijn Hoogeland illustrates how TNO and TU Delft | Mechanical Engineering collaborate to ensure H2-vessels have an equivalent safety to our current fossil powered ones.

Period16 Nov 2023

Media contributions


Media contributions