S.W.A.T. Meets Roeselare

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Roeselare Municipality News Article of TU Delft's Sustainable Urban SWAT Studio that arrived in the City and worked with stakeholders during 26th Feb to 8th March 2018 to create sustainable urban interventions. The outcomes would be formally presented to the city at the end of the 2-week intensive onsite studio.

In the Climate-Switch lab #VANRSL the students started with materials from residents, organizations, architects, entrepreneurs, etc. They dived in 2 neighborhoods of the city: Collievijverbeek and Kleine Bassin.

On their wanderings in the city, they investigated what the wishes of the residents in the neighborhood were. They called at the door with pressing questions: who lives in this neighborhood? Is it nice to live in this neighborhood? What do you dream of? What do you find difficult? What should never disappear? In this way they learned what the Roeselarenaar longs for and what the pain points are.

Period8 Mar 2018

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Media contributions


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