The role of design in stations of the future

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Media contributions

  • TitleAuthor spotlight: the role of design in stations of the future
    DescriptionInterview by Heather Montague about my research.

    "Stations are vital parts of national and urban infrastructure. As metropolitan areas grow and evolve, so must the transportation centres that serve them. Considering changing modes of mobility, sustainability concerns, and societal needs, what should the station of the future look like? Dr. Manuela Triggianese, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, explores these issues and what role design can play, particularly in linking the interests and ambitions of all of the actors involved.
    Through TU Delft OPEN Publishing, she has published three books to disseminate knowledge on this topic resulting from master’s student projects as well as her own research projects."
    PersonsM. Triggianese