ABIBA Airfoil and Slat Measurement Data



Dataset for the ABIBA experiments. The data was collected at the Delft University of Technology's Low Turbulence Tunnel in summer of 2020.

Data includes:

· Report summarizing results

· Geometry and pressure tap locations for the base airfoil (DU-00 W2-401)

· Geometry and pressure tap locations for custom slat profile

· Final experimental polars

· Cp data for slat and profile for each testing configuration

Pictures of measurement setup

Measurement is conducted at a Re: 1.5 x 106 and 2.0 x 106

The base airfoil is measured in three configurations; clean, tripped, and with vortex generators. There are 9 different slat configurations as discussed in the included report. Each are measured in clean and tripped conditions.
Date made available2021
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production5 Mar 2021 - 15 Mar 2021

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