Air Cargo Transport Network (ACTN) Dataset



This dataset contains -
(i) a set of worldwide airports that are relevant for the global air cargo transport;
(ii) a dataset containing aircraft-specific yearly recorded frequencies (referring to the year 2014) for all passenger and cargo airlines (integrators such as FedEx are excluded) for all different origin destination (OD) airport pairs;
(iii) a dataset for each integrator FedEx, UPS, DHL with yearly estimated cargo capacity (expressed in tonnes) referring to the year 2019 for every OD airport pair. The estimation was based on a dataset containing all recorded flights for each OD airport pair of interest, which was filtered to extrapolate only flights operated by the integrators.
Date made available2020
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU Centre for research data
Date of data production2019
Geographical coverageThe World

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Bombelli, A. (Creator), Santos, B. F. (. (Creator), Tavasszy, L. (Creator) (2020). Air Cargo Transport Network (ACTN) Dataset. TU Delft - 4TU Centre for research data. 10.4121/UUID:5725ADD4-7FE8-41D1-A452-B1FC011E0BAE