Break planning with multi-label Dijkstra and time-dependent contraction hierarchies

  • M.S. (Marieke) van der Tuin (Creator)
  • Veit Batz (Contributor)



Mandatory breaks for truck drivers are nowadays scheduled after the route has been decided. However, in some cases it is beneficial to plan these breaks during waiting time caused by truck driving bans. Optimally planning a single break considering driving bans can be done using Dijkstra's algorithm with multiple labels (Algorithm SBG in dataset). To improve the computation times, a single-label variant (SBG-SL) as well as a novel heuristic version of multi-label and single-label time-dependent contraction hierarchies (TCH) are introduced.The algorithms are tested using a generated dataset of 10,000 start-destination pairs based on the European ETIS database of freight flows through Europe.
Date made available1 Mar 2018
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2017 -
Geographical coverageEurope. The test used HERE map NBNL4DEGB3Eur1C09, but can also be used with other maps.

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