Codes, data and plots underlying the publication: Analysis and multi-objective optimisation of wind turbine torque control strategies



This comprehensive dataset contains all the data and plots presented in the paper"Analysis and multi-objective optimisation of wind turbine torque control strategies". Every data, graph, chart or plot presented within the paper is included in its original form within this dataset. The dataset encompasses a wide variety of data types, including but not limited to:

Numerical Data: Raw, post-processed simulation data and calculations.
Visual Data: Graphs, charts, and plots illustrating key findings and trends.
Textual Data: Descriptions, explanations, and interpretation of the data.

To enhance usability, each folder contains supplementary documentation, including:

README File: This file provides an overview of the content of the folder, explanations of data formats, and any relevant context required for understanding the data and plots.
Citation information: Proper citation guidelines to acknowledge the original source when using the dataset for research or reference.
Date made available22 Sept 2023
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2023 -

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