Comfort-oriented driving: performance comparison between human drivers and motion planners (Dataset)



The name of the dataset is derived from 'WOerden West Experiment on human Driving performance'. It contains 14 MAT files, each with the data of a recorded run from our on-road driving experiment with publicly recruited participants. The details of the study are described in an article currently in review at IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. A link to the article will be added once it is available online. In each file, there are 5 struct variables: 'GPS', 'IMU', 'EST', 'Opt_AC' and 'Opt_MS'. GPS and IMU contain the raw measurement data from onboard sensors. EST is the optimal estimate of vehicle motion calculated from the measurements using the numerical optimization technique. Opt_AC and Opt_MS are the optimal motion profiles computed by our optimization-based motion planners, the former focusing on optimizing acceleration comfort while the latter on minimizing motion sickness.
Date made available26 Jan 2023
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData

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