Concentration data of Advancing Resilience Measures for Vegetated Coastlines (ARM4VEG), Guyana



This collection contains data collected during mangrove-mudflat campaign in Guyana, during the PhD Thesis project of Uwe Best. It is being made public both to act as supplementary data for publications and the final PhD thesis document, as well as to allow for open usage by other researchers in their own work.

Suspended sediment concentrations were collected using the optical backscatter sensors (OBSs) which were validated using field water samples. These were collected at two of the measurement locations (MB3 and MB5). For this campaign, two OBSs were used, T9012 and T9011. Both were tested and calibrated prior to use by Nortek after which the relations dictated by the calibration certificate (for the respective instrument) were be applied.

Standard turbidity data in NTU values may then be calibrated to suspended sediment concentration (mg/l) using suspended sediment concentration data determined from the filtration of water samples. Suspended-sediment concentrations typically exceeded 1 g/l with a maximum of 60 g/l. Field water samples were then used validate the instrument measurements (where the maximum capacity of the OBSs were often exceed).
Date made available11 Jan 2022
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Temporal coverage1 Nov 2019 - 31 Jan 2021
Date of data production2022
Geographical coverageChateau Margot, Guyana
Geospatial point6.82022222,58.07358333Show on map

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