CUPiDO - Connecting Undifferenced Points in Deformation Observations



The CUPiDO software enables a standardized approach for the analysis and preparation of geodetic data for the use in geophysical modeling. The approach resolves the problem of non-uniformity in the datasets obtained by different measurement techniques.

The approach is based on two main steps: uniformization of the data using a standardized data format (NetCDF), and the application of the CUPiDO conversion tool to construct double-difference observations.

The CUPiDO software is structured in three directories:

scripts to generate the standardized NetCDF data files
(currently in Matlab only).

conversion tool to generate an optimal set of double
differences based on the NetCDF data files (in Python2).

An example setup to demonstrate the CUPiDO software.
Date made available25 Jul 2017
Date of data production2017 -

Software license

  • GPLv3

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