Data and scripts of macrobenthos analysis Westerschelde



These are the data underlying the Deltares report "De Schelde, op weg naar een mooie toekomst?" by Peter Herman.

The data have been provided by Rijkswaterstaat, but they were not yet in a final stage of quality check and formatting. A script is included that has done the formatting for the purpose of this analysis. Users should refer to Rijkswaterstaat if they want to use the same data - as soon as Rijkswaterstaat's own checks and formatting are completed, that will be the more authorative dataset. However, the current data are archived to document how the analysis in the report was done.

Data were gathered in the framework of the MWTL monitoring programme in the S.W. Netherlands. Details of the fieldwork and a general data report is available in a report by Bureau Waardenburg (Kruijt, D. B., O. Duijts, M. Japink, and R. P. Middelveld. 2020. Macrozoƶbenthosbemonstering in de Zoute Rijkswateren, Hoofdrapport MWTL 2019. Waterlichamen: Westerschelde, Veerse Meer en Grevelingenmeer. Bureau Waardenburg, Culemborg.)
Date made available8 Dec 2022
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Temporal coverage1 Jan 1992 - 31 Dec 2020
Date of data production2022
Geographical coverageS.W. Netherlands. Westerschelde, Oosterschelde, Veerse Meer, Grevelingen
Geospatial point51.4,4.0Show on map

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