Data underlying the publication "From Structure to Function: Understanding Synthetic Conditions in Relation to Magnetic Properties of Hybrid Pd/Fe-oxide Nanoparticles"



Magnetic properties of nanoparticles are generally determined by their morphological charteristics, such as size/shape, as well asl composition of the nanocrystals. These in turn are highly dependent on the synthetic conditions applied. Additionally, incorporation of a non-magnetic heterometal influences the final magnetic behavior. Therefroe, contsruction of multyfunctional hybrid nanoparticles, with preserved magnetic properties represents a certain nanotechnological challenge. In our work, we focus of palladium/iron oxide hydrid nanoparticles for hyperthermia/thermal ablation treatment of tumor tissues, with palladium being eventually envisioned in its radioactive form Pd-103. This dataset contains the row and processed data of the publication with the above-mentioned title, published in a Special Issue of Nanomaterials: "Magnetic Nanomaterials and Nanostructures".  
Date made available19 Oct 2022
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData

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