Data underlying the research on Identification of oxygen-independent pathways for pyridine-nucleotide and Coenzyme-A synthesis in anaerobic fungi by expression of candidate genes in yeast.

  • J.G. Daran (Creator)
  • T. (Thomas) Perli (Creator)
  • A.M. Vos (Creator)
  • R.A. Ortiz Merino (Creator)
  • J.T. Pronk (Creator)
  • J. Bouwknegt (Contributor)
  • W.J.C. Dekker (Contributor)
  • S.J. Wiersma (Contributor)



Neocallimastigomycetes are rare examples of strictly anaerobic eukaryotes. This study investigates how these anaerobic fungi bypass reactions involved in synthesis of pyridine nucleotide cofactors and coenzyme A that in canonical fungal pathwa (truncated)
Date made available2 Jul 2020
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2020 -

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