Data underlying the research on Portfolio-based Airline Fleet Planning



Dataset used for the case study in the MSc thesis "Robust fleet planning under stochastic demand" and in the OMEGA journal article "Portfolio-based airline fleet planning under stochastic demand".
The dataset contains:
- historical passenger data extracted from the TranStats database of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS/US DOT). The underlying dataset that was used is the T-100 Domestic Market (U.S. Carriers) data table that contains monthly scheduled US domestic passenger data based on a 10 percent ticket sale information dataset, aggregated for all airlines for the period 1990-2014.
- estimated parameters, per market, for the the mean reverting Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process.
- model parameters used in the optimisation model, including aircraft features.
- computed aggregated transition probabilities used in the discrete-time Markov Chain in the scenario generation model.
- BTS/US DOT fare data from 2014.
Date made available2019
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU Centre for research data
Date of data production15 May 2016
Geographical coverageUnited States of America

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Santos, B. F. (. (Creator), Sa, C. (Creator), Clarke, J. (Creator) (2019). Data underlying the research on Portfolio-based Airline Fleet Planning. TU Delft - 4TU Centre for research data. 10.4121/UUID:90ABF0A2-369E-4A52-9A2C-518AB9F66478