Dataset for the study on Interactively building a representation of actions and values

  • Jan Balata (Creator)
  • M.L. Tielman (Creator)
  • Jakub Berka (Creator)
  • Xueliang Li (Creator)
  • Zdenek Mikovec (Creator)
  • C.M. Jonker (Creator)
  • Birna van Riemsdijk (Creator)



Personal electronic partners can play an important role in people's daily lives, especially for vulnerable user groups. However, to achieve an e-partner that can support a wide range of users it should personalize in a manner that is closely related to the users actual behavior, and respects their values. We, therefore, propose to use Action Identification Hierarchies (AIH) to represent the user's actions and values. In an qualitative study, we investigated how users themselves can build their AIH in conversation with an agent. Both visually impaired (n=7) and university workers (n=9) participated, talking about traveling and stressful behavior respectively. Our goals were to see how understandable the AIH was to different users, whether the AIH content was subjectively correct, and how usable the system was. The results from this study are an important step in applying AIH's to different user groups, and highlight the importance of understandability, usability and flexibility.
Date made available24 Sept 2018
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data productionJun 2018 - Aug 2018

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