Dutch adults (DINED - anthropometric database)

  • J.M. Dirken (Creator)
  • L.P.A. Steenbekkers (Creator)
  • . Daanen (Creator)
  • AIM Voorbij (Creator)
  • J.F.M. Molenbroek (Creator)



The most recent version of the DINED-series was based on two sources. The first is the Geron-project 1993-1998 of the TU Delft Ergonomics group (see also the Geron 1998 table), which provides the basic body dimensions. Second source is the CaeĀ (truncated)
Date made available2018
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU Centre for research data
Temporal coverage1993 - 2004
Date of data production2004 -
Geographical coverageThe Netherlands (country)

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Dirken, J. M. (Creator), Steenbekkers, L. P. A. (Creator), Daanen, .. (Creator), Voorbij, A. (Creator), Molenbroek, J. F. M. (. (Creator) (2018). Dutch adults (DINED - anthropometric database). TU Delft - 4TU Centre for research data. 10.4121/UUID:1B214A8F-F59C-460F-8EB9-3EF8DB5E85EE