Flared Folding Wingtips - TU Delft



This collection contains the results of the work carried out at the TU Delft regarding the flared folding wingtips (FFWT) concept. The FFWT is a concept where the wingtip of an airplane can be folded when the airplane is on the ground, deployed during flight to increase aerodynamic efficiency, and released in-flight as a means of load alleviation.

In this collection, we present the numerical simulations and experimental data related to the FFWT studies conducted at the TU Delft. The naming convention for the datasets presented in this collection is "XYYY - NAME (Month Year)(Data underlying the publication: NOP)", where:

X: Type of study (E-Experiment, M - Numerical Model)
YYY: Order number within the type of study. For example, E001_ for the first experiment, E002_ for the second experiment, etc.
NAME: name of the respective study
Month Year: in the case of the experiment, the date when the experiment was conducted. For models, the date when the model is archived.
NOP: Name of publication, if exists.
Date made available5 Apr 2023
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2023 -

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