Stress, strain, velocity and attenuation data of shale, limestone and sandstone samples brought to failure

  • A. Barnhoorn (Creator)
  • Jeroen Verheij (Creator)
  • Marcel Frehner (Creator)
  • Alimzhan Zhubayev (Creator)
  • Maartje E. Houben (Creator)



The dataset contains the data that is published in the Geophysics paper: Experimental identification of the transition from elasticity to inelasticity from ultrasonic attenuation analyses by Barnhoorn et al. in 2018. It contains stress, strain, velocity and attenuation data of uniaxial unconfined compression tests of sandstone, shale and limestone samples brought to failure.
The data is placed in a matlab script with including the variables and plotting routines for figures 5-7 of the manuscript.
Date made available18 May 2018
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2018

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