Urban Dynamics Educational Simulator (UDES)



A model of population, business, housing, and transport infrastructure of a small city. The two types of active objects (agents) in the model are people and businesses. The city has 5 zones with different quality. People can change job if they feel uncomfortable (for example, due to high living expenses and low salary). Also, people can move from one zone to another. When choosing the new zone, trip times, trip costs and zone rent price are considered. With growth of prosperity people may change their living zones to more comfortable ones and buy cars if they need them. People travel from home to work and back by private cars or by public transport, and the model calculates the resulting CO2 emission. You can change the zone properties on-the-fly and see the effect of your decisions.

Bibliographical note

This is a software to be used to teach about Agent-based modeling and Land Use and Transport Systems interactions. It is used at TU Delft and other Universities. It is open-access from the website of the software platform where it was produced: Anylogic.
Date made available1 Jan 2017
Temporal coverage1 Jan 2017
Date of data production1 Jan 2017 -

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