Vectorized Dynamic Relaxation for Structural Form Finding using NumPy



A few educational codes written by Shervin Azadi, Pirouz Nourian, and Kotryna Valeckaite.
This repository has been created as an educational resource for the course EARTHY: Computational Design for Earth Architecture.
The code is mainly inspired by and largely based on the code samples generously shared by the Block Research Group in ETH Zurich, Prof. Philippe Block, Dr. Tom van Mele et al..
Based on the method explained in the slides available on this repository, after the two references found thanks to our colleague Dirk Rinze Visser:
Adriaenssens, S., P. Block, D. Veenendaal, and C. Williams (2014). Shell Structures for Architecture: Form Finding and Optimization. New York: Routledge. Chapter 2: Review of Dynamic Relaxation with an extension to six degrees of freedom theory by Adriaenssens, S.

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Date made available24 Sep 2019

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