Research Output


Obstacle detection using horizon-based learning

de Croon, G., 2019, IPC No. G06K, Priority date 9 Nov 2017, Priority No. WO 2019/093882

Research output: Patent


Aerial vehicle with angularly displaced propulsion units

Remes, B., 2018, IPC No. B64D; B64C, Priority date 12 Oct 2016, Priority No. WO 2018/070867

Research output: Patent

Flapping wing aerial vehicle

Karasek, M., 2018, IPC No. A63H; B64C, Priority date 22 May 2017, Priority No. WO 2018217079 A1

Research output: Patent


Method of Steering a Vehicle and Such a Vehicle

Della Penna, M., van Paassen, MM., Abbink, DA., Mulder, M. & Mulder, M., 2011, IPC No. Aanvrager: TU Delft, Patent No. PCT-NL-2011-050402, Priority date 7 Jun 2011

Research output: Patent


Motion Simulator with exchangeable unit

Mulder, JA. & Beukers, A., 2005, IPC No. Canadees octrooi, Patent No. EC: G09B9/04, Priority date 3 Nov 2005

Research output: Patent