Research Output


Gas recovery from wastewater

van Lier, J., Spanjers, H. & van Linden, N., 2019, IPC No. B01D, C02F, Priority date 1 Feb 2018, Priority No. WO 2019/151855

Research output: Patent


Solution comprising an osmotic agent and method of extracting water using said solution

Lutchmiah, K., van Lier, JB., Roest, C. & Cornelissen, ER., 2013, IPC No. Applicant: K Lutchmiah, C Roest, JB van Lier, KWR Water BV, ER Cornelissen, Patent No. NL 2007353 C, Priority date 7 Mar 2013

Research output: Patent


Process for cleaning a filtration membrane

te Poele, S., van der Graaf, JHJM., Menkveld, W., Boom, J., Busamos, M. & Verbiest, P., 2006, IPC No. nog niet eerder opgevoerd en gehonoreerd, Patent No. EP 1 656 987 A1, Priority date 17 May 2006

Research output: Patent