Personal profile

Academic background

Cees Oerlemans is a Civil Engineer who holds two MSc degrees, one in Hydraulic Engineering and Flood Risk, and another in Science Communication from Delft University of technology. After completing his studies, he joined HKV Consultants as a Flood Risk Consultant, where he played a role in various projects, including those related to sea level rise and climate change adaptation for the Delta Programme.

As of November 2022, Cees has been appointed as a PhD candidate at the department of Hydraulic Structures and Flood risk at Delft University of Technology. His research primarily focuses on the correlation between flood risk, climate change adaptation, and real estate development, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the creation of more effective climate adaptation engineering solutions. This research is part of the RED&BLUE research program, which involves collaboration with multiple universities in the Netherlands.

External positions

Flood Risk Consultant, HKV Lijn in Water