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Sylvia Mooij is a lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. In recent years she led the revision of the IDE Bachelor programme. At the moment, she is coordinating the revision of the IDE master programmes.  Next to her position at the IDE Faculty, she is the Academic Portfolio Director for Skills for Engineers of the TU Delft Extension School.

Her teaching activities focus on marketing and the commercialization phase of the development process. Her main goal in her teaching is to guide the students in their learning process.

Her research interest shifted over the years from marketing communication of new products towards educational research and more specifically on student’s responsibility for their learning and students’ well-being. She participates in the IDEE Theme 'Students taking responsibility for thier own learning'. 

Academic background

Academic Background

In 1993, Sylvia Mooij received her Master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft). Afterwards, she started a PhD-project and in 1998 she successfully defended her thesis entitled ‘Product Communication and Information’. In 1992, she became an assistant professor in Marketing and in the years after her focus gradually moved to a complete focus on education, both in research and execution (teaching, supervising and coaching students, coordination).


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