2023 Open Education Ambassador Award

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This is an award from the TUDelft Extention School. The award is for Annemiek's contribution to openness through the ProfEd Culture Sensitive Design Thinking, which she developed for both online and campus education with the intention of fostering cross-learning between practitioners and student. Additionally, Annemiek has encouraged participation from other educators so that lecturers in design schools around the world can in turn teach their own students, contributing to raising awareness of how cultural and social contexts influence design choices aimed at solving societal (global) challenges. Her involvement in the Delft Design Approach and the Delft Design Guide, which are published in OpenCourseWare, further demonstrate her commitment to open education.
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsDelft University of Technology, Netherlands


  • online education
  • design education
  • culture sensitive design