Nomination for the New Material Award 2018

Prize: National/international honour


The New Material Award is a joint venture between Stichting DOEN, Fonds Kwadraat and Het Nieuwe Instituut. These organizations firmly believe in the potential of artists, designers and architects to play a vital role in initiating new developments in society, and devising sustainable responses to urgent issues facing us today. The New Material Award is on the cutting edge of science, design, art and technology. The prize aims to challenge participants to think beyond their own discipline in seeking solutions for the future. This ambition is also reflected in the submissions, which span a broad spectrum of innovative solutions in which functionality, aesthetics and sustainability go hand in hand.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsStichting DOEN, Fonds Kwadraat en Het Nieuwe Instituut

Awarded at event

Event titleDutch Design Week 2018
LocationEindhovenNetherlandsShow on map
Period20 Oct 2018 → 28 Oct 2018


  • glass bricks
  • glass waste
  • recycling glass
  • glass recycle
  • interlocking glass bricks
  • solid glass bricks
  • solid glass blocks