WAVe Resource for Electrical Production (WAVREP)

  • Lavidas, G. (Recipient)

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


WAVREP aims to challenge the notion that wave energy should be considered only at energetic regions exposed to open ocean waters. More than 70% of EU coastlines have moderate wave energy resource of 3000-6000 W/m at deployment depths resulting in lower harsh conditions when compared to open ocean coasts. Most Wave Energy Converters (WECs) are developed for higher operational ranges (ocean coasts), with WEC capacity factors and availability at such areas not exceeding 15% and 40% respectively. Higher latitude regions encompass larger wave environments that can propagate high energy content from 5000-8000 W/m. However, such conditions impose significant stresses on the structural integrity and negatively affect expected energy production of WECs, with final capacity factors not exceeding 15-25% (device dependent). WECs at highly energetic wave environment also require higher survivability considerations and have reduced maintenance times. Such factors result at higher capital, operational and energy costs, hindering WECs cost-effectiveness. Using an interdisciplinary scientific methodology the project aims to provide a WEC that can attain higher availability and capacity factors over 60% and 30% respectively, enhancing its global applicability.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsEuropean Commission


  • wave energy
  • renewable energy
  • numerical wave modelling
  • wave energy converters
  • milder resources
  • levelized cost of energy